Alchemy, an initiate talks…

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfioIf you have few minutes, allow me to tell you…

how the life of a young discouraged man changed drastically when he finally understood  the secret key of the alchemical Great Work.

how he was able to start reading and clearly understanding the experiences of some of the greatest alchemical authors such as Fulcanelli, Basil Valentine, or Nicolas Flamel, a task which was previously impossible for him to do.

how confused he was looking for the invaluable knowledge he desperately sought to obtain but did not where to look.

how he was also able to start the ALCHIMICAL GREAT WORK.

how you can also get ACCESS to this progressive, unique teaching which cannot be found anywhere else.

Do you believe that people meet by chance?

Personally, I believe that life is made of occurrences which may not be random.

This is how I met Jean-Noël. He was in the aisle of an esoteric Alchemical bookstore. He seemed lost in the middle of all those books. He was searching for answers to his questions, and naturally, we exchanged some words.

This was the beginning of a long friendship, but also, more importantly, the start of his introduction to Alchemy and the rules of the art.

Jean-Noël had many preconceived ideas about alchemy. He thought that he would perhaps find the answers he sought after spending fifty years or more studying and working! When I told him it could take just a couple of months, if he was willing to take the time and effort to study, and then he would know more than all the books he was looking at. He obviously did not believe me.

However, gradually, he started to become convinced that it was really possible.

Your presence here is not by chance, or fate. One does not ask about alchemy or about the secret of the philosopher’s stone for no reason.

If you are not a plain curious and lucky person, you are probably one of those numerous researchers of the Absolute that have not found answers to their questions nor found an instructor knowledgeable enough to help you make progress.

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfioJust like Jean-Noël, you no doubt spent long hours studying incomprehensible books and doodling bleak hypotheses with haunting doubts about your research. This situation often occurs when the researcher is left to his own devices with no compass to guide him.

We have all been there!

Jean-Noël met many researchers. He often talked to them on different internet forums which are devoted to alchemy. Each time, he was disappointed and disillusioned because he realized that they were all at the same point.

At times, expecting to find answers from an expert, he instead found the same answers:   “That is just the way it is.” or “You are not ready for me to reveal this to you” or even, “I do not have the right to speak about this…”

Personally, my position on this is as follows:

A good training course and a competent instructor allow every sincere and motivated person to become an alchemist

It is the first thing that Jean-Noël discovered in the training course HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. Alchemy is not an occult science made from random ideas or “chimeras”.  It is not a “haphazard” practice. It is a traditional art that has been taught according to a very definite procedure for thousands of years.

Jean-Noël was willing to be taught by this same procedure and he succeeded in becoming a real alchemist.

Contrary to previous years which he spent roving, groping and hesitating, today, he knows exactly what he is doing. This allows him to pursue a definite spiritual goal and to feel an unparalleled and an unequaled satisfaction.

The time has come for alchemy to be known as it really is 

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfio

When I presented this perspective, Jean-Noël sent me three very pertinent questions which showed his sincerity :

1 – It is well known that alchemy is an esoteric science that is hidden and encoded. This being the case, when it is clearly explained, does it make sense?

2 – Does saying things directly, without any hidden tricks, “kill the Path” ?

3 – Isn’t it dangerous to unveil in writing knowledge which was forbidden for a long time?
This is what I answered :

First: “Haven’t you ever managed to hide something so well that you were unable to findit?” 
Actually, because of trying to hide things, one ends up distorting them to the point of  forgetting the true meaning of what was trying to be hidden. This is exactly what happened with alchemy. This course is not only disclosing information about alchemy, but it is a necessary rehabilitation.

Second: Those who think that speaking clearly “kills the way” are precisely those who exploit the obscurities within alchemy for their own interest. They use these to alienate and keep others at a lower stage rather than initiating them.

Third: To unveil in writing a teaching that belonged to an oral tradition is sometimes a process of rescue.  One thing to be aware of: this has already happened in the history of secret science, with for example, Hermetism, which is the repository of knowledge from ancient Egypt.

Should we allow this knowledge to die? Or would it be better to adapt the knowledge so that it may be understood by individuals of different eras?

A clear, complete and progressive teaching, which helps save precious time

What about being able to avoid all the traps set by the alchemists, just as Jean-Noël did, and going straight to the goal? Is it too remarkable to be true?

By no means! The synthesis of the course HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE will allow you to get the essentials, which are fundamental in a domain where it is common to have to read hundreds of books before understanding even a small aspect of the field.

This course on alchemy will tell you much more than a bookcase full of books.

Is alchemy only for very intelligent or cultivated people?

Not at all!

Alchemy is a spiritual path which is meant for humble people and the “small”. It is meant for those who are still capable of dazzling at the miracle of Nature.

Jean-Noël was worried about a lot when I offered him to educate him from here on. He asked himself, how could HE, Jean-Noël, understand and practice such a thing that people more educated than himself were unable to understand? I answered very simply that what missing most from alchemy was not intelligence or motivation.

What is missing, in most cases, is a guide or instruction.

Alchemical guides are extremely uncommon. Most any alchemical “trekker” will tell you.  Alchemy is not any more complex than any other discipline.  It has just never been taught openly before today.

A good master who spends time with you and whose only concern is to help you become a real initiate

Is this not the dream of all alchemists?

Meet the instructor who is both good at pedagogue and generous in his explanations. A master who does not hide his knowledge.

hRemember all those times you spent feeling so alone and lost looking at your alchemy books? What wouldn’t you have given during those moments to at least have a friend with whom you could exchange a few words on the subject?

What would you give to have at your disposal a caring teacher who explains everything you always wished to know from A to Z? 

With HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE, it is as though you get access to the secret diary of an accomplished alchemist who unveils page after page of his biggest discoveries without any tricks or anything hidden.

Finally you can know what it is! Finally you can have access to the inaccessible!

Thanks to these courses, Jean-Noël discovered in few hours of reading, knowledge which would have taken him 
ten years or more of research and blindly groping and experimenting.

He would have spent endless nights looking through the unreadable scribbles among the dusty furnaces and alembics, and probably with a wife and family who would languish at his absence and obsession.

Contrary to other alchemical researchers, Jean-Noël and I have no problems with our family. Our time is not devoured by our passion. Why?

Merely because we are relaxed and free from doubts. We understand perfectly what alchemy is. We know and own the real mysteries of it and know exactly how to proceed towards HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.

Think about the satisfaction and excitement Newton or Einstein felt when they discovered the “remedy” to the problem which had been haunting them for a long time! You will have an idea of what awaits you.

An alchemist and an instructor who spends time with you and has put his knowledge together in a PDF e-book which puts the biggest mystery of all time at within your grasp.

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfio

You now understand that HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE course is unique and priceless. Real alchemical instruction is not easily found. The most interesting documents circulate, very often in a confidential manner, “under the coat” and only among initiates.

You will have access to information and documents that cannot be found elsewhere, regardless of their contents.

Page after page, you will become aware that behind the deceptive appearances of our world, another reality is hidden. A reality which exceeds the understanding of ordinary mortals and  to which few have ever had access.

Alchemy is not only a means to change metals into gold, as the old legends tell us. Even though it is possible for an experienced practitioner to do this, transmuting metals is nothing compared to the extraordinary and secretive goal that is the true pursuit of an alchemist. This course will gradually prepare you to pursue this goal as well.

In the intimacy of his laboratory, the alchemist works on a universal plan

Despite whHow to make the philosopher’s stone- cfioat is commonly read and believed most everywhere, the real alchemist has never been an old ascetic. In fact, it is just the opposite. Alchemy was present in most religious Christian orders and Masonic communities and other closed groups.

When we learn that history was always shaped by such initiates who were hidden in the shadows, among whom were not only popes, kings, politicians, and high-level scientists, but also humble craftsmen and erudite men among the people, all gathered in confidential groups, a haunting question is raised:

What wonderful secret did these noteworthy men hide for centuries?

You are also going to discover a different history of humanity, topics one does not learn in school. The theories on the internet about aliens are nothing compared to what has been really occurring for centuries without most people knowing.

HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE course is going to allow you to enter the confidence of those who have pulled the strings of history.

You will realize :

- Who the Knight Templars and their successors, The Rosicrucians, really are.

- What fabulous treasure did the Templars discover in the holy land in Jerusalem’s temple?

- Why were the crusades just simple alibis?

- Why have Christian monks of the West always practiced alchemy?

- What were Saint Bernard-de-Clairvaux’s, an alchemist and the last of the druids who was even feared by popes, secret plans ?

- What fabulous knowledge hides the ”prima materia” of alchemists?

- Why did famous scientists such as Newton or Pierre and Marie Curie search for the philosopher’s stone?

- How can we understand the real sense of religion thanks to alchemy?

- Was Jesus Christ something else other than the messiah?

- Which unbelievable goal did real alchemist pursue?

When Jean-Noël discovered what was behind the “mask,” he understood that he was not the only one in charge of his past wanderings. He also understood that he would have arrived nowhere, contenting himself with the partial teachings currently being made available in certain orders.

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfio

When the veil rips open and this truth is brought to light, we become aware of one of the most important things in all spiritual progress, especially in alchemy: The choice of our literary  references.

Nowadays, it is very easy to publish writings and the sincere researcher is going to confront  numerous difficulties. The main one is to discern the good authors from the bad ones.

The fact is that a great number of esoteric authors are satisfied with plagiarizing each other, which further complicates the alchemical problem.

A real-life teaching based upon experience

As you have noticed in bookstores, the esoteric aisles abound with books using the word “alchemy”. This situation leads one to think that alchemy is a vague spiritual allusion or a very handy “portmanteau word”.

Nothing could be further from the truth!


Alchemy is a definite spiritual path which has been tinkered with by amateurs or other inadequately educated persons and thus, has all but lost the consistency that was part of the path.  It is true that alchemical language lends itself to different possible associations and that one can make it relate to just about anything.

In reality, alchemy is a traditional art that is concrete and relies upon a protocol for precise work. Alchemy is delimited by a general theory that one must master.

As far as this art is concerned, an author who has not “worked in the furnace” has no experience to justify teaching alchemy. This means compiling more or less disparate documents is not sufficient for transmitting knowledge. One can speak and understand alchemy only by practicing it.

The course HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE is a result of real experience of more than twenty years research and tests which are in total agreement with the oldest alchemical tradition.

The teachings therein have been experienced, something to which I can testify in full  conscience.

Learn alchemy safely

Many researchers would not have been deceived if they had an alchemical understanding that was based on solid teaching.

To avoid that, I will offer you a hand, step by step, until you are confident enough to be fully autonomous. You will know and will master the following topics:

- A solid theoretical and practical knowledge of alchemy and Hermeticism.

- With a little work, you will learn how to read Fulcanelli and the best alchemical authors as easily as reading a child’s book.

- Why the immense majority of inexperienced researchers never succeed in their goal.

- A much bigger mystery than that of simply changing metals into gold!

- Where does alchemical science come from and who invented it?

- In what ways did Jung deceive?

- How did the formula “solve et coagula” become the biggest secretive operation of the alchemists?

- Which unbelievable mystery is hidden in the matter of the alchemists?

- Why and how does the alchemist have to pray?

- Is alchemy dangerous?

- How to thwart the traps of false gurus and find one’s autonomy for carrying out most any research

All the tricks, tips, and craftiness of symbolic alchemy in order to easily understand the airtight iconography of hermetic alchemy, the cathedral buildings and their statues, and other philosophical occurrences.

- Find out the great and terrible reality of nature in the three realmsmineral, plant, and animal.

- What are the alchemical salt, sulfur, and mercury?

- Which three steps can’t be overlooked in the GREAT WORK and how to conclude them successfully?

HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE is the result of all the years spent next to my masters. During this time, I was able to gather numerous and very confidential information, the origins of which have been lost in the mists of time.

Indeed, the devotees have always transmitted the major mysteries without discontinuity even through our time. In our days, where alchemy is considered superstition and nonsense, this knowledge is disappearing quickly under the ravages of modern society. It has not been easy to make certain decisions:

Should I publish this? Shall I keep that secret?

Finally, I delivered myself to God who will know what to send and by what means to send this information to the most deserving and worthiest individuals.

Join the initiates’ limited circle

Partially saying things would reinforce the bad practices through which alchemy is going during our times. Therefore I resolved to reveal the secret practices of the alchemists, specifically, techniques in the laboratory which conclude with the making of the philosopher’s stone in the three realms of Nature.

In alchemical circles, unless you have “well placed” friends (even then it is still difficult…), it is quite IMPOSSIBLE to find information clear enough to allow one to start the alchemical work.

It will now be possible to start the alchemical work because this course will give you knowledge of the following: 

- Unpublished photos on the GREAT WORK and the alchemical laboratory.

- What does an alchemist’s laboratory look like?

- What kind of utensils does he use in his laboratory?

- What are the real raw materials used by the alchemist?

- What vessels does he need to prepare the philosopher’s stone?

- Get to know and operate an “athanor”, which is the furnace in which the philosopher’s stone is prepared.

- The mysterious secrets of the alchemical ovens and distillation, all of which are  revealed!

- What is the ”secret burning fire” of wise men?

- How does mercury become philosophical?

- How can you catch philosophical sulfur?

- What is the salt of wisdom really?

- What is the powder projection procedure?

- Distinguish between the different alchemical paths and choose the one best suited for you.

- See the fundamental differences between “the dry and the humid way”.

- What is the sacerdotal way and why it the way most followed by alchemical devotees?

- What is the link between mass and alchemy?

- Why is there an oratory next to the laboratory?

- What is Theurgy’s role in the process of THE GREAT WORK?

- Let the stars and seasons step in! What’s “a particular way”

- Sexual alchemy techniques and the way of OUROBOROS.

- Get to know the most searched for work in the world!

- Get access to confidential documents previously reserved for a minority, like “the substances’ ways” depicted by the “brothers of the Gold und Rosenkreutz”

But that’s not all! 

For the very first time, you will also have access to an extraordinary and complete document on the legendary “dry ways” of Fucanelli and other great masters, which is otherwise known as the way of antimony… This text and its commentaries are alone worth the price of this course multiplied by a thousand. 

I know revealing this type of information will not appeal to everyone, especially because no alchemist has ever given so complete explanations before.

If I take this risk, it is for a simple reason: I know the philosopher’s stone is a gift from God and not a simple recipe. Without God, you can achieve nothing, but you cannot achieve anything without procedure either!

How to make the philosopher’s stone- cfioNow, you have a choice – either you continue working by yourself with your illegible books, or you accept a hand from an enlightened instructor and learn in a short period of time what would have taken several lifetimes of groping in the dark and roaming aimlessly.
Which do you prefer ?

PS 1 : Think carefully about this! With the course HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE, you will learn much more than most researchers. But that’s not all! You will also know more than certain current specialists. Knowledge is a matter of personal satisfaction A human being does not fully know himself while the problem of ignorance persists. This course will assuage your thirst for knowledge much more than you think. Things will be illuminated even beyond your current research.

PS 2 : Remember that as far as alchemy is concerned, several paths are possible. Each of us must be able to choose the one which works best for him. This is a luxury considering that many believe there exists only one single way to make the philosopher’s stone. Think about it… thanks to HOW TO MAKE THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE course, you will be able to make things others can only dream about.

As far as you are concerned, you no longer dream, you act !

All download to start now…


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